Dress Code


It is expected that students will be dressed and groomed in an appropriate manner for the age group of the individual.  The responsibility for determining and enforcing standards of dress shall lie with the principal or designee. 

  • Pupils considered in violation of the intent of these regulations shall be advised and requested to call home for a change of clothing. If the problem is not corrected immediately, the student will be suspended.
  • Shorts and skirts of reasonable length are acceptable (2-3 inches above the knee). Sagging clothes are not allowed.
  • No halter-tops, tank tops, strapless tops, cutoffs, or apparel that exposes the midriff may be worn.
  • Shoes must be securely adhered to the feet. Flip-flops and shoes with wheels are prohibited at school due to safety reasons.
  • Clothing with offensive or suggestive language is not allowed.
  • Clothing that refers to any type of alcohol, drug, or act, which is illegal or hazardous to one's health, is not permitted.

Hats, scarves, or head coverings of any type may not be worn in the building except for medical reasons.