Onslow County Schools

Personally-Owned Device Responsible Use Guideline 


 The purpose of this guideline is to define standards, procedures, and restrictions for students who are connecting a personally-owned device to Onslow County Schools' network for instructional purposes.

This device guideline applies, but is not limited to all devices and accompanying media (e.g. USB thumb  and external hard drives) that fit the following classifications:

Note: Unless otherwise prohibited by specific school policy, this guideline pertains to the following classifications.


  • Smartphones
  • Other mobile/cellular phones
  • Tablet computers
  • Portable media devices
  • PDAs
  • Ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs)
  • Laptop/notebook computers, including home desktops
  • Any personally-owned device capable of storing organizational data and connecting to a network

 The guideline applies to any hardware and related software that is not organizationally owned or supplied, but could be used to access organizational resources.


 Use of computing devices is vital to the creation of 21st Century schools. While the Onslow County Board of Education has enacted a program whereby certain groups of students or classes are assigned schoolowned devices for their individual use while they are enrolled in a specified program, we are not able to provide devices to all students at this time. In certain circumstances, students may be permitted to bring personally-owned devices. It is not the intent of this guideline to allow for the use of cell phones at any time during the instructional day unless deemed appropriate by the teacher and/or administrator.

 This program is essential to enhance student productivity, thereby supporting the district as well as classroom learning environments. This Responsibility Statement, along with applicable Board of Education policies and program guidelines, fully incorporated herein by reference, form the basis for allowing wireless access for personally-owned devices. By signing the Personal Electronic Devices Contract, the student and parent or guardian explicitly acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the policies and guidelines applicable to him/her and agrees to the conditions of this program.


  In using information and communication technologies, the student will:

 1. Bear in mind that all student communication represents the district and thus reflects on the integrity, ethics, and good name of the school, teachers, and the district as a Pre-K-12 public education institution. 

2. Avoid seeking unauthorized access to school, district, or other public or private computer networks, computers, or electronic files for any purpose. 

3. Comply with any and all related Board of Education policies, program guidelines, including copyrighted materials, and procedures relative to responsible and safety use. 

The student understands that it is unethical and illegal to: 

1. Misuse passwords or obtain access to computers without district authorization.

2. Interfere with the transmission, storage, retrieval, destruction or damage of operation systems, or destroy, modify or abuse Onslow County Schools' hardware or software or use personally-owned devices to do so. 

The student is responsible and understands that: 

1. Any use of the wireless or network services on district property should be limited to activities which support education, enrichment, and development.

 2. Computers and network services/Internet access are to be used only by those authorized. Specifically, personally-owned devices can only be used by those for whom this agreement has been completed. Although parent/student owned, permission to use the device on school property is not transferable.

 3. Students have no right to privacy when using district-owned assets or accessing Onslow County Schools' wireless or network resources. This extends to district-supplied email systems (i.e.Gaggle).

 4. Student supervisors, including both school-level and district-level administrators as well as authorized Information Technology (IT) or Media and Instructional Technology Services (MITS) staff have the right to prohibit the use of personally-owned devices that utilize data or software that conflicts with applicable Onslow County Schools policies, guidelines, or the proper and efficient operation of the district's Information technology systems.

 5. Any use of district assets or Internet access to facilitate illegal activity is prohibited.

 6. Any use of district assets or Internet access for commercial or for-profit purposes is prohibited. Students are not to conduct online personal business, transactions, or purchases while accessing Onslow County Schools' wireless or network resources.

 7. All audio recorded with personally-owned devices must have the consent of the individuals included in the audio.

 8. All pictures taken with personally-owned devices must have the consent of the individuals included in the audio.

 9. All videos recorded with personally-owned devices must have the consent of the individuals included in the video.

 10. Students may not record (audio, photo, or video) any portion of an active classroom without the consent of the teacher.

 11. Students may not take pictures or video any tests or assignments without the consent of a teacher.

 12. The Onslow County Public School system has all rights of ownership of products produced by a student in which the uses of district supplies and/or assets were used.

 13. Harassment of any kind, including, but not limited to sexual, racial, religious and political is illegal.  Use of the district's assets, computer networks or Internet access to harass others or infiltrate a computer system and/or damage the software components of a computer or system is prohibited. 

14. Use of any district-owned asset, network, or Internet access to access or transmit obscene, objectionable, pornographic material or any material likely to be offensive is strictly prohibited.

 15. No response should be given to any messages that are suggestive, obscene or threatening. Upon occasion, some spam may enter the system. Such infrequent occurrences of spam may be deleted with no further action necessary. Continued receipt of spam, including messages that are suggestive, obscene or threatening should be reported to the teacher or school administrator. Reports should also be made of any messages that is not spam, but is suggestive, obscene or threatening.

 16. School staff, network administrators, and authorized agents will monitor the use of personally owned devices to ensure compliance with all rules.

 17. No installation of, connection to, or downloads of non-instructional games, video and/or audio files or other files that are not instructionally-centered is allowed.

 18. All software loaded on personally-owned devices must meet all appropriate licensing requirements.

 19. Training shall be offered by the district and shall be required of each student prior to accessing wireless or network resources.

 20. District administrators, with information and advice from Information Technology and Media and Instructional Technology shall determine what constitutes a student's inappropriate use of personally-owned devices, computer networks or Internet access and e-mail. Violation of appropriate practices shall result in disciplinary action as determined by the school administrator.

 Affected Technology

  Connectivity of all personally-owned devices will be centrally managed by Onslow County Schools' IT Department. Although IT will not directly support personal devices, students are expected to adhere to the same security protocols when connected to non-organizational equipment. Failure to do so will result in immediate disciplinary action up to suspension of all network access privileges so as to protect Onslow County Schools' infrastructure.

 Basic device recommendations include but are not limited to:

  1. Proficient knowledge of device

2. Long lasting battery or fully charged for use

3. Internet Browser

4. PDF reader

5. Note taking application

6. File storage/File manager (district provided student email digital locker)

7. Text message capability

8. QR Code Reader

9. Web Cam/Camera

 Access Control

  1. IT reserves the right to refuse, by physical and non-physical means, the ability to connect personal devices to organizational and organizational-connected infrastructure, IT will engage in such action if such equipment is being used in a way that puts Onslow County Schools systems, data, users and clients at risk.

 2. Prior to initial use on the organizational network or related infrastructure, all devices must be approved by IT. Onslow County Schools will maintain a list of approved technologies with associated control requirements that will be provided by each school. Devices that are not on this list may not be connected to organizational infrastructure. If your preferred device does not appear on this list, contact your teacher and/or administrator who in turn will contact IT for guidance. Although IT currently allows only listed devices to be connected to enterprise infrastructure, it reserves the right to update this list in the future.

 3. All personal devices attempting to connect to the organizational network through the Internet will be inspected using technology centrally managed by Onslow County Schools IT Department. Devices that have not been previously approved by IT, are not in compliance with IT's security policies, or represent any threat to the organizational network or data will not be allowed to connect.


  4. All users of personally-owned devices must employ reasonable physical security measures. Students are expected to secure all such devices whether or not they are actually in use and/or being carried. This includes, but is not limited to, passwords, encryption, and physical control of such devices. 

5. Any personally-owned devices will have installed up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software deemed necessary by Onslow County Schools IT Department.

 6. IT will manage security policies, network, application, and data access centrally using whatever technology solutions it deems suitable. Any attempt to contravene or bypass that security implementation will be deemed an intrusion attempt and will be dealt with in accordance with Onslow County Schools' overarching security policy.

 7. IT reserves the right, through policy enforcement and any other means it deems necessary, to limit the ability of students to transfer data to and from specific resources on the enterprise network.

 Help & Support

  8. Students who opt in to the personally-owned program are not eligible for support for device specific hardware or software from Onslow County Schools IT Department.

 Organizational Protocol

  9. IT can and will establish audit trails, which will be accessed, published, and used without notice. Such trails will be able to track the attachment of any external device to the organizational network, and the resulting reports may be used for investigation of possible breaches and/or misuse. The student agrees to and accepts that his or her access and/or connection to Onslow County Schools' networks may be monitored to record dates, times, duration of access, etc., in order to identify unusual usage patterns or other suspicious activity. The student consents that there is no right to privacy related to use of organizational networks, resources, or data. This monitoring is necessary in order to identify accounts/computers that may have been compromised by external parties.

 Policy Non-Compliance

  Failure to comply with the Personally-Owned Responsible Use Guideline may, at the full discretion of the organization, result in the suspension of any or all technology use and connectivity privileges, disciplinary action, as well as possible criminal charges.

  Student Agreement Statements Regarding Personally-Owned Device Policies and Usage:

  1. I have read, understand, and agree to follow all applicable policies, guidelines and procedures regarding my use of personally-owned devices, network access, Internet use, and e-mail.

 2. I agree to use my personally-owned device for the purposes for which it was intended.

 3. I agree to undertake such initial and subsequent training as necessary to maximize the utilization of the technology for the furtherance of the performance of my duties as a student of the school system.

 4. I agree that theft, damage, or misuse of my personally-owned device is not the responsibility of the school or the Onslow County School system.

 5. I agree to be responsible to take necessary precautions against loss, theft, or damage to the device while on campus.

 6. I agree to discontinue use of the device on campus if directed to do so by school authorities.

 7. I agree to seek permission from each classroom teacher for rooms in which I intend to use the device. While I may be permitted to have the device on campus, I can't use the device without the direct permission of the teacher.