Mission Statement  

Queens Creek Elementary is a learning community that prepares students to be responsible leaders in building a sustainable world.

  About The School  

About the School

Intercoastal Waterway in Swansboro
Intercoastal Waterway in Swansboro


Queens Creek Elementary


Queens Creek Elementary is a Pre-K-5 school in Swansboro, NC.


Our school hours are from 8:15 AM - 3:10 PM. We opened in August of 1998.


Student population: 700+
School colors: Hunter green, navy blue and white
School mascot: Navigator (Alligator)



2015- 2016 Highlights of Accomplishments 

Queens Creek Elementary's accomplishments continue to grow.               

As a school dedicated to protecting and caring for the environment, we have  created a sustainable campus and integrated environmental themes into our curriculum.


With the development of a new strategic plan, Queens Creek has created a vision, mission and purpose that reflects our commitment to a rigorous and relevant curriculum through the international green theme.



Empowering the Green Dream


Queens Creek Elementary is a learning community that prepares students to be responsible leaders in building a sustainable world.


To navigate students toward being environmental and global life-long learners.

  •  These enriching changes have awarded us the title of a NC Green School of Excellence once again - the highest honor in the State. 
  •  Using nature as a learning tool for students provides real world research experiences through a holistic and integrated approach.  
  • We continued our partnership with a school in Finland, as well as added partnerships with "The Children of the Light" program in Ghana; learn about the Day of the Dead and volcanoes in Puebla, Mexico,from high schoolers there; and the NC Center for International Understanding's Cultural Correspondents program, to which QCE students interacted with NC State and Appalachian University's Study-Abroad students and faculty in European countries and Australia! We also continued a partnership with VIF (Visiting International Faculty) organization and have two VIF teachers, one from South Africa, and another from England. 
  • Many of the QCE staff participated in UTOTES training from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and implemented what they learned in their classrooms. Additionally, this program added a new feature to our school grounds - a pond, which has and will continue to be a source for hands-on, real world experiences! 
  • After great efforts from QCE's Jr. Environmental Engineers to promote reduction in energy use, and the great response from staff and students to support this, QCE applied to be considered for a solar program. In May of 2016, QCE was notified of its selection to participate in the NC GreenPower Solar Schools Pilot Program. This program will provide grants to cover 2/3 of the cost, installation of a solar panel, and teacher training.  QCE is one of only 5 schools in NC selected for this program and is the first elementary school selected. Queens Creek is also only the 2nd school selected for this program in Southeastern NC, with other schools being primarily in the Triangle/Raleigh and Charlotte areas. Queens Creek will be fundraising for the remaining 1/3 with hopes of achieving the amount needed by September 30, 2016, for installation in December, 2016. We look forward to being the very first solar-enhanced school in Onslow County! 
  • QCE continues to be active in implementing AVID strategies for students' success. During the 2014-15 school year, QCE was the first ever to host an AVID Elementary Showcase in the Eastern region of the United States.
  • QCE Staff has presented at conferences at the local, state and national levels to include World View Symposiums; Institute of International Education Conference in Washington, D.C., and the NCAEE Regional Conference. Additionally, students presented locally at the OCS Global Showcase.